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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Locating Good Bathroom Shower Curtains

Bathroom Refacing
Bathroom Refacing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The bathroom is the most used room in the house. It is not only used by the family but by guests as well. Because of this, the room should have a welcoming affect on anyone who enters. It should be pleasing to the eye and well coordinated by its components. Bathroom shower curtains play a big part in this presentation.
Today many homes are redesigning to present special themes throughout the house. It may be Tuscany, Victorian Era or something else. Naturally, they want this to be reflected in the bathroom as well. Each has special requirements. Going with the Victorian Era for example requires a claw foot tub with a special shower attachment. This shower attachment is round and is at one end of the tub. A special curtain has to be ordered for this arrangement.

At one time, there was just one type of shower curtain. It was single, colorless and not at all attractive. Today one has a choice of any kind desired. Draped curtains are very attractive and in demand. Colors and designs are unlimited and it is possible to find any type to fit in with the color plan.
Several different types of bathrooms have been built starting with the curtains themselves. Choosing an unusual curtain can often inspire a person to expand in decorating the room. As an example, looking at a curtain with a beautiful Egret standing in a lovely water arrangement might inspire someone to do his or her walls in bamboo or some other unusual covering.

Various themes are inspirations for changing a bathroom. Sometimes a picture in a magazine or decorating book will bring someone to the realization that their bathroom definitely needs a change. Brilliant, splashing colors will brighten the room and make it a welcome place to shower at the end of the day.
The materials of shower curtains vary. They may be of vinyl, cloth, lace or other materials. Whichever material is chosen they should be lined. The inner lining is waterproof and the weight makes the curtain continue staying in a straight line and unwrinkled. Many inexpensive curtains are unlined and do not last very long. They tend to wrinkle and become dull very fast. This is one place where one should buy the more expensive item.

In planning any room it is important that it be co-ordinated throughout. This means that, in addition to the new shower curtains, it is important that the accessories match. Any company that sells these curtains will have, on display, a number of very attractive items to complete the room's decorations.
Thanks to technology, an extensive display of shower curtains is shown on the Internet. It is possible to view these and make plans as to which designs will fit in with the overall plans. Comparing these curtains with the shape of the room and color scheme makes it easy to make the correct purchase. Bathroom shower curtains are something that will last and bring joy for many years to come.

Finding the perfect bathroom shower curtains can be fast and easy. When you want to shop for bathroom shower curtains from the convenience of your home you can to it today.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Designer Shower Curtains: a Classy Way to Enhance Your Bathroom

With the increasing popularity of new decorating styles and exciting, fun new ways of enhancing the look and feel of a house, designer shower curtains are gaining more and more traction everyday. Recently, a wide variety of design professionals have made an incursion into the world of bathroom décor by offering you the possibility to have your very own designer shower curtains to transform your bathroom into a unique fashion statement that defines your tastes.

Today you can find designer shower curtains made of a great number of different fabrics, including nylon-coated cotton or polyester. They also come in a lot of styles to choose from, ranging from elegant and sophisticated to informal and fun. But no matter what your taste is, there is always a designer shower curtain that will suit your needs and, if you have some more money to spend, you can always ask a designer to make one exclusively for you.

Among the most famous designers that jumped into the bathroom shower curtain universe, you can find brands like Liz Claiborne, Regent, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Laurent. Designer shower curtains are offered by these designing giants in a variety of styles and, of course, prices. Most of these designers also have made available a great line of bathroom accessories to match your curtain and help you set up the bathroom of your dreams. For instance, Liz Claiborne's Ivory Cable Knit shower curtain can be matched with the exclusive line of towels, lotion pump and wastebasket.

Designer shower curtains are available in a wide range of prices, from tens of dollars to hundreds of them, which ensures that there will be not only a shower curtain that caters to your taste, but also one that will fit your budget.

If you are planning to redecorate your entire home and not just the bathroom you should consider taking advantage of the great line of matching accessories for the rest of your house. You can match your designer shower curtains to your bedroom's sheets, or your living room curtains! I especially like matching the couch pillows to the shower curtain. Or you can even get a matching robe so you yourself can be a "living part" of your home theme. The décor choices are virtually endless.

I highly recommend that, after you have decided which style to apply to your home, you take the time to carefully look through several designer shower curtains catalogs and, when you see that special curtain that you love, go ahead and buy it. It is also a great idea to purchase not only that one, but also a cheaper one in the same or similar color. That way, in the event that your shower curtain gets somehow damaged, you just switch curtains until you find another designer shower curtain that matches your expectations.

It is great to see that designers are not limiting themselves to bedroom and living room. Designer shower curtains may seem a little more expensive than non-designer ones, but they are really the best way to go. Besides, many of the finest stores (like Macy's) often have designer shower curtains for discounted prices.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Designer Shower Curtains

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make over your bathroom, consider buying a new shower curtain. Shower curtains are available in a variety of styles, materials, and prices. Shower curtains can be whimsical, floral, traditional, or a host of other styles. And, of course, they can be designer.

Many of the big-name designers have taken part in shower curtain designs. Liz Claiborne, for example, offers a Cable Knit shower curtain in Ivory or Aloe. If you decide to have a Liz Claiborne master suite or guest room, matching accessories include duvet covers, towels, shams, wastebasket, lotion pump, and more.

Nautica offers a sophisticated shower curtain in classic colors. It is offered with matching sheets, duvet, and bed skirts.

Regent also offers shower curtains. Their embroidered shower curtain is multi-colored and offers many matching accessories, including wastebasket, lotion pump, tissue box, towels, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and tumbler.
Eddie Bauer offers a nice selection of shower curtains, including a denim curtain. They also offer towels and robes in coordinating colors.

Tommy Hilfiger has also entered the home décor arena. Their shower curtains have a retail price of $90. Hilfiger also offers many color-coordinated accessories like towels, lotion pump, wastebasket, soap dish, and tumbler.

Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and Hotel are a few other well-known designers now offering bathroom décor.

Many fine department stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney, and Foley’s, sell designer shower curtains. Specialty home stores, such as Linens N Things and Bed Bath and Beyond also carry a selection of shower curtains by well-known designers. While designer shower curtains can be more expensive than their non-name brand counterparts, you can sometimes find them at a discount. Overstock offers many products at deep discounts over retail. While their inventory changes regularly, it is worthwhile to visit their site and do a search.

Whether you pay full price or get them at a discount, the look of your finished bathroom is sure to be priceless.

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